Product number: 11-1425

11-1000 wheels 1pcs. design Triple-X

Product information "11-1000 wheels 1pcs. design Triple-X"

Our 1 piece forged wheels are available in all common sizes for the Indian Scout models.

They are available in all colors.
We also manufacture special designs on request.

Please understand that we can only offer standard sizes and standard designs here in the store. Extra charges for polishing and powder coating are listed separately.

Models: Dyna, FTR 1200, Scout, Softail, Sportster, V-Rod
Size: 3,5x19, 3,25x21, 3,75x23, 3,75x26, 4,0x18, 4,0x30, 4,5x18, 4,25x18, 5,5x18, 5,5x23, 8,0x16, 8,5x18, 8x18, 9,0x18, 9,0x21, 10,0x18, 10,5x18, 10.5 inch for 280-300 tires, 10.5x18 for 280-300 tires, 11,5x18, 12,0x17, 12,5x17, 12.5 inch for 330 tires, 12.5x17 for 330 tires, 13 inch for 360 tires, 13,0x18, 13x18 for 360 tires, 65 teeth 20mm, 65 teeth 25mm, 66 teeth 20mm, 66 teeth 25mm, 70 teeth 20mm, 70 teeth 25mm, 72 teeth 25mm, 72 teeth 33mm
Type: Harley, Indian