Product number: IS-3000-1

IS-3000 Design swing arm -240 Cut-Out Indian Scout

Estimated delivery time: 3-7 days

Product information "IS-3000 Design swing arm -240 Cut-Out Indian Scout"

We had been dealing with the Indian Scout swingarm for a long time, because the original swingarm does not fit to a custom bike, we knew that we had to develop a new Indian Scout swingarm.

We are known as wide tire specialists and had to do justice to this also on the Indian Scout. This is how the aluminium swingarm cut-out was created.

On the swingarm we have many options such as: brake right, brake left,
Original brake system or NLC 6-piston there are no limits.

On the NLC design swingarm you can also mount the original rear wheel with brake system. The original exhaust bracket of the Indian Scout must be changed.

Or you can replace it with a complete system like for example: IS-5100 NLC exhaust system Dragster

Can also be used for original rims.
Scope of delivery:
Design Swingarm Cut-Out
Swingarm axis
wheel axle
Axle covers front and rear
Brake line
Distance bushes with screws
TÜV parts certificate

Model: Aluminum raw, Black, Polished
Models: Scout
Type: Indian