Product number: IS-40550

IS-40550 rear fender for original swingarm 150-16 tires

Estimated delivery time: 3-7 days

Product information "IS-40550 rear fender for original swingarm 150-16 tires"

There are many fenders for the Indian Scout models but not in the same quality.

Most of them are very heavy and have a lot of attachments that make the assembly more difficult. Also the price of these heavy steel parts is not insignificant.

Our swinging fenders for the Indian Scout are very light, very stable, inexpensive and easy to mount. Without much effort they are mounted in a few minutes without
must visit a specialist workshop.

They have a timeless design that stands out from our competitors.
We offer the fenders for original swingarms with different widths.

We also have the perfect solution for our NLC design swingarms.
It doesn't always have to be heavy iron, because our bikes are not the lightest by nature and if you can save weight and at the same time get better Optics, we have done everything right!

All fenders are perfectly fitting and are
delivered with a TÜV parts certificate.

Models: Scout
Type: Indian